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March 18, 2020

DataBank’s Status in Salt Lake City Earthquake

Dear DataBank Customer,

On the morning of March 18, the Salt Lake area sustained a 5.7 magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks.

DataBank personnel and facilities are intact and operational at this time, with no degradation of services. We have built our structures within code and designed to withstand such events, which are a part of our continual risk assessment process and business continuity plans. We have conducted initial building assessments (visual walkthroughs and walkarounds) and have not identified any damage to the structures that would bring into question their integrity. Our Business Continuity Plan is currently active in an assessment and monitor mode. We do not anticipate any further actions within the BCP at this time. We intend to seek a professional assessment of these facilities to ensure safety is confirmed. As the aftershocks appear to be continuing, we will continue to monitor our facilities. Should the situation change, we will notify you.

If you should have any questions, please contact Brandon Swain ([email protected]; 801-822-5376)