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Networking for Hybrid IT Infrastructures

Carrier-Neutral Connectivity from Data Center Core to Network Edge

Your IT infrastructure needs connectivity that delivers performance, flexibility and redundancy, regardless of whether your IT workloads are located in the cloud, colocated in a data center, or in a hybrid combination of the two. That’s why DataBank provides a full range of network services designed to power your IT infrastructure within our data centers, between our metros, and even in the Public cloud.

The Edge Network of Today
While much of the edge networking attention is focused on 5G, we believe there is a different edge to be served today: second-tier markets like Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and Atlanta that have been underserved by the data center industry yet have dense populations consuming lots of content and compute power. Our network was specifically developed to connect our data centers in these markets, provide a shorter hop to mobile users, and a diverse path to hyperscale cloud providers. For many of today enterprises and tomorrow’s SaaS developers, Databank’s network will provide the first step on their journey to the edge.


Carrier neutral network design and meet-me rooms provide you with fair and equal access to 100s of major carriers that can get you anywhere.


10Gb/100Gb capacity within metros, private backbone between metros, dedicated IP transport within each facility and F5 load balancing.


Diverse paths in and out of our data centers, high speed rings within our metros, and a private MPLS network between our metros enable a 100% uptime guarantee.


Our network connects your workloads between any of our data centers or metros, and provides access to all major carriers and even out to the public cloud.

DataBank offered more carriers in a more secure environment... We’ve had an extremely positive experience with the DataBank team that is very understanding of our needs. We are particularly attracted to the “plug and play” mode DataBank uses which is more friendly as it relates to building product within the facility. DataBank’s network engineer provided helpful advice with networking issues. There is an incredible level of trust between our teams.”

Chief Executive Officer

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Full spectrum security and compliance expertise