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Healthcare has gone digital. From electronic health records to payer health care portals to medical device and wearable connectivity, the health care industry is striving for better patient outcomes through sophisticated technology. The steady move to digital has resulted in an avalanche of data that requires the utmost privacy as regulated by the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). DataBank is a trusted Business Associate and service provider to Covered Entities who manage electronic Protected Health Information (e-PHI) or provide services to companies that manage e-PHI in their applications. The increase in data breaches plaguing healthcare organizations of all sizes and the proliferation of mobile devices in patient care only underscores the need for protecting patient data.

DataBank performs a number of annual audits in each of our data centers facilities. The standards we engage in give DataBank clients peace of mind in the knowledge their IT equipment is housed within a top-tier facility adhering to the most stringent audit requirements in the industry. Our shared risk model and BAA allows you to transfer as much as 80% of HIPAA controls to DataBank to unburden your team and make compliance easier.


We Make It Easy

Compliance Enablement

DataBank takes on as much as 80% of compliance control management compared to 20% from some other service providers. We provide the tools and technologies required for compliance with economies of scale. We have expert staff to install it, calibrate it, configure it, monitor it, and operate it over the course of our engagement. This level of support drives operational excellence and governance while keeping your costs stable and predictable.

Audit Ready

More Visibility. Less Risk.

The DataBank Customer Portal provides a central repository of audit-ready documentation and provides a single source of truth for all of your compliance needs. Get everyone, and everything, connected in one simple to use management portal. Our sophisticated portal gives you and your team real time analytics into performance, security, compliance, tickets, devices and more. Communication and clarity truly enhance your compliance solution.


HIPAA Compliant Hosting in a Data Security Driven Age

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