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NIST Certified

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Certified to Securely Handle Government Information Systems

DataBank is committed to ensuring the necessary compliance and security protocols are in place for all customers by using the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Our NIST SP800-53R4 certification allows us to support organizations in search of a data center partner who can securely host federal, state and local government information systems, or simply wishes to select a partner who offers colocation space and services using a repeatable, secure methodology.

  • NIST SP800-53R4 certified
  • Multiple FedRAMP ATO designations with audits conducted annually by a federally authorized 3PAO
  • A fully staffed security team, compliance experts and on-site CISO bring built-in expertise
  • Trust that a government regulated, tested standard supports the methodology for securing your data

Whether your organization processes federal data or you’re simply looking for higher standards in your data center, NIST remains an effective methodology for securing sensitive data. DataBank is fully equipped to support your needs across all data center facilities and services in a secure, repeatable fashion.


We Make It Easy

Compliance Enablement

DataBank takes on as much as 80% of compliance control management compared to 20% from some other service providers. We provide the tools and technologies required for compliance with economies of scale. We have expert staff to install it, calibrate it, configure it, monitor it, and operate it over the course of our engagement. This level of support drives operational excellence and governance while keeping your costs stable and predictable.

Audit Ready

More Visibility. Less Risk.

The DataBank Customer Portal provides a central repository of audit-ready documentation and provides a single source of truth for all of your compliance needs. Get everyone, and everything, connected in one simple to use management portal. Our sophisticated portal gives you and your team real time analytics into performance, security, compliance, tickets, devices and more. Communication and clarity truly enhance your compliance solution.


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At DataBank, we find that doing things the right way the first time is the best way to achieve success. This starts with our consultative process. No hard sell, no over promising, just exceptional service and uncompromising performance.