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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards or PCI-DSS sets the worldwide information security standards for credit card transactions to help control and minimize points of risk to fraud or compromise of sensitive information. PCI Compliance is an adherence to these rigorous standards in the way your business conducts and handles the information. DataBank provides the facility and critical infrastructure which complies to a RoC (Report on Compliance), that is issued annually to our facilities. The RoC ensures we meet or exceed all of the audit controls. For this reason, many companies and merchants turn to DataBank to conduct their credit card business within our secure facilities. In that capacity, DataBank has specific responsibilities that must be PCI Compliant. As a provider of data center and managed services to some of the largest publicly traded companies in the world, DataBank is committed to performing PCI-DSS audits on an annual basis.


We Make It Easy

Compliance Enablement

DataBank takes on as much as 80% of compliance control management compared to 20% from some other service providers. We provide the tools and technologies required for compliance with economies of scale. We have expert staff to install it, calibrate it, configure it, monitor it, and operate it over the course of our engagement. This level of support drives operational excellence and governance while keeping your costs stable and predictable.

Audit Ready

More Visibility. Less Risk.

The DataBank Customer Portal provides a central repository of audit-ready documentation and provides a single source of truth for all of your compliance needs. Get everyone, and everything, connected in one simple to use management portal. Our sophisticated portal gives you and your team real time analytics into performance, security, compliance, tickets, devices and more. Communication and clarity truly enhance your compliance solution.

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Learn more about DataBank’s PCI Compliance Solutions. Our approach is consultative, proactive, and delivered by experts – which simplifies the process of staying up to date with PCI regulations.

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At DataBank, we find that doing things the right way the first time is the best way to achieve success. This starts with our consultative process. No hard sell, no over promising, just exceptional service and uncompromising performance.